Mulethi - Glycyrrhiza glabra

Mulethi is the local term for Liquorice Roots. Mulaithi is the miraculous wild grown herb amongst the botanicals and natural plant based raw materials and considered as the 'King of Herbs'. The main specifications of dried licorice roots is its dry roots, glycyrrhiza content, glabraden content, yellow roots inside or yellow tip without ochratoxins or OTA levels within acceptable criteria. Alfarid Corporation Limited is known in the industry as the only largest licorice manufacturers and specialized supplier & exporter of liquorice roots. Best quality dry licorice roots are obtained having our offices in the originating regions including Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Turk Mandi, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Pakistan. The regions are Herat, Mazar Sharif, Maimana, Baghlan & Saripul, Kunduz, Ankhoi, Khanabad and Ghazni.

Alfarid Corporation Limited has captured the market for premium quality natural liquorice pressed bales. We process raw natural licorice, select, sort, clean, hand cut, machine cut to add value and make available for specific clients to suit extraction, tobacco, liquor, food beverage, cosmetic, nutraceutical and confectionery industries.

Liquorice roots


  • Liquorice Powder
  • Licorice Long Stick
  • Liquorice Slices
  • Licorice Cut Sift
  • Licorice Tea Bag Cut
  • Licorice Crushed
  • Liquorice Selected Roots
  • Licorice Roots


All sorts licorice roots are available such as bales, raw roots, machine cut, hand selected, clean regular quality. Alfarid Corporation specializes in  processing, cleaning, selection, sorting of natural licorice root in bales. As per requirement of client, dried licorice root is cut by machine to produce slices, square cut, fine cut, ghanderi cut,

tea bag cut TBC and also milled to produce licorice root powder in different mesh grades. Also include hand selected roots, semi-hand selected licorice herb, licorice slice, licorice root powder, liquorice crush, ghanderi cut, TBC tea bag cut, licorice fine cut. Fine sift and sieved licorice has its uses in the herbal tea industry particularly making licorice tea whereas liquorice slice has its major demands in the Far-East regions. The elite hand selected licorice yellow cut pieces of dried licorice are preferred by the European clients for their special flavor uses. Moreover licorice root herb is milled to make liquorice powder in different mesh grades.

Licorice herb is used in several applications including candy making, tobacco industry, pharmaceuticals as pharmaceutical ingredient, confectionery, liquor, extraction industries and licorice tea specialty industry for its glycyrrhizin acid content and glabridine yield.

Common names for liquorice herb are Jethimath, liquorish, mulethi, mullaithi, regaliz, liquorish, licorish, lakkris, regaliz, regalisse, arq el qasoos, licorais, lekorice, lakrica, lakris, shereen biyaan, liquirizia, lukrecja, lakrica, lagrits, lakritsi.

We supply hand selected premium yellow licorice roots across all continents. To buy licorice root, you can send us your query to info@alfarid.org and we will get back to

you with prices, pictures and samples.